Author Studio Release Notes November 21st, 2023

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A new version of Author Studio has been released to trials and will be on its way to customers soon. The following updates have been made to the product as well as additional minor bug fixes and security updates.

New Features

Schema Assistant

We have added our AI assistant, Alfie, to Author Studio. Alfie works as the Schema Assistant where he helps you create and modify schemas via chat. You can access this feature in the Entities section. Read more about how to use Alfie to generate schemas in the article, Using the Schema Assistant. This feature is only available in trial versions of Author Studio. If you are interested in trying out this feature, contact your customer service representative.

Decision Flow

Decision Flow allows you to use a visual editor to model a flow for a Decision. The model can then be used to generate the actual logic and rule set structures needed for the rule authoring process.

Decision Flow.png

Phasing out the Property Panel 

The property panel is being removed from the right-hand side of Author Studio and merged into the workspace. In this release, this change is only visible on the rules and actions pages. 

Propert Panel.png

Auto Save feature added to Actions

The save button on these pages has been replaced with an autosave feature. When you begin making changes to an action, you will see the auto save feature pop up at the bottom of the page. If a deliberate save is required, the save bar will have a save button instead of showing the auto save feature.


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