Using the Schema Assistant

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This feature is only available in trial versions of Author Studio. If you are interested in a trial of Author Studio contact your customer service representative.

This article explains how to use Author Studio's AI assistant to streamline the deployment of automated decisions. The schema assistant allows you to create and modify schemas, workflows, and more through a simple chat. 

To use the Schema Assistant

  1. Select or create a new Rule Application from the Rule Application List.
    Rule Application List.png

  2. Navigate to the Entities page in Author Studio

  3. Select Generate Schema with AI or click on Alfie. 
    Generate Schema with AI.png

  4. Write a Detailed Prompt
    Begin by providing a comprehensive prompt for your specific use case. Remember, the clearer you are about who you are and what your needs are, the better the tool can assist you.
    For example, “I’m a healthcare provider looking to classify claims to determine if they should be approved and paid out.”
    After writing your prompt, press the Send button. 

  5. Review and revise the schema:
    Once the AI creates your schema, inspect it closely. If it does not align perfectly with your expectations, provide more detailed or clearer instructions to adjust the output. Hit Send again to get a refined schema version.

  6. Review & Apply:
    Thoroughly review the provided schema. Once you are completely satisfied, apply the generated structure by clicking Apply Generated Schema. This will help you create a clearly defined entity structure, laying down a strong foundation for your rule application.
    Apply Generated Schema.png

  7. Once your schema is generated, the AI will send you a message confirming it is complete. Click on the Entities tab to view the schema. 
    Ready message.png 

  8. In the Entities section, you will see all the new entities that have been created. The Entities will say they are created by the user who ran the AI Schema Assistant. 
    Finished Schema.png

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