Granting a User Access to Analytics

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A specific user role is required to access the analytics dashboards. If the Analytics User role is not assigned to the user the user will experience an authorization error or a blank dashboard when navigating to Runtime Analytics or Authoring Insights.

A maximum of two users can be assigned the Analytics User role per tenant. If more than two users are assigned this role, the nightly sync process will remove the role from the excess users.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for assigning the role to a user and other considerations.

Role Description

The Analytics User role is designed to provide users with specific access to the Runtime Analytics and Authoring Insights dashboards. This role-based access will allow users to view the dashboards via the Analytics menu option in the InRule Portal.


Assigning the Analytics User role to a user

  1. To assign a user the Analytics User role, navigate to the InRule Portal and select Catalog Manager.Catalog Manager.png

  2. From here, click Users from the header, and then select the user you want to add the role to.

  3. Once you have selected a user, click Edit to edit the user’s roles.
    Edit User.png

  4. Then select the Analytics User role and click Save changes.
    Add Analytics User Role.png
      If you do not see the Analytics User role, please wait a day for the provisioning process to update the tenant with this role. It can take a day after your tenant is deployed for this role to appear as an option under Roles.
  5. The user will be able to access Analytics in 24 hours. It is important to note that there is an activation period of one day for the Analytics User role. When a user is assigned or removed from the role, there is a delay of one day before the role's permissions become fully active.

The User is assigned the Analytics User role, but they are still seeing an empty dashboard

If a user has the Analytics User role assigned to them, but still sees an empty dashboard, the role is likely assigned from a different tenant than the one they are trying to access. Users must be assigned the role for each tenant (e.g. development, staging, production) that they want to access.

Tenant Name.png

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