InRule Process Automation Version 2.85 Release Notes

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October 2023

We have released a new version of Process Automation, version 2.85. As usual, it contains improvements and adjustments. Some of them might not affect you directly, but you can be sure that we are constantly fixing and improving things behind the scenes to refine features that already exist, or to prepare for new features that are coming later.

Coming Soon

Preparations for Bank ID

We are preparing to introduce Bank ID to authenticate the submission of forms in external events. To prepare for this, we have implemented some of the necessary administrative features.

New Features

Improved logging at instance creation

We have improved the logging of the cadence pertinent to instance creation to better understand why, from time to time, instances fail to create.


Timer Setting When Taking a Value from a Form


The UI (User Interface) in the Timer Settings window was not appearing as intended when viewing a previously saved timer configuration.


The UI in this window now appears as intended. 


This release also contains additional minor bug fixes, performance improvements, and security updates.


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