Navigation and Shortcuts in Author Studio's Language Rule Editor

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Navigation and Shortcuts

The Business Language Editor is designed to allow you to learn as you go; however, it is beneficial to understand the core navigational principles, terms, and shortcuts to accelerate business language rule authoring.  


  • Tab key to navigate through the business language templates and expressions.
  • Shift+Tab to navigate backward.

Context Selection

  • Ctrl+Up arrow to expand the scope of the current selection.
  • Ctrl+Down arrow to narrow the scope of the current selection.
  • Ctrl+X cut selected element.
  • Ctrl+C copy selected element.
  • Ctrl+V paste selected element.
  • Delete to delete the current selection.


  • Ctrl+Z to undo your last action.  The last five actions are stored and can be undone.
  • Ctrl+Y redo your last action.


  • Ctrl+D to move rules, fields, or actions down.
  • Ctrl+U to move rules, fields, or actions up

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