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The Provisioned Resources page serves as a centralized hub, providing easy access to all the resources at your disposal within your environment. This application enables you to effortlessly configure and access InRule products by granting you access to all the vital URLs, URIs, API Keys, and your License Key. 

This article presents a comprehensive list of resources available to InRule users. The resources available to you in this space are generated based on your licensed products.

1. Basic / Advanced 

The Provisioned Resources page offers two viewing options: Basic and Advanced. The Basic view provides users with the most commonly required resource information for typical use cases. If advanced configuration access is necessary for certain resources, they will be listed when the toggle is set to Advanced.

2. Expand All / Collapse All 

This option allows you to expand or collapse all the sections on the page at one time.

3. Resources 

The information provided on this page is dependent on the products associated with your account. Here, you will find details regarding all resources provisioned in your InRule environment.


Listed in alphabetical order.


Authoring resource provides an ability to Download irAuthor and access your License Key required for activation.  

Provisioned Resources- Authoring.png

Authoring Insights

Authoring Insights gives catalog administrators and users an at-a-glance insight into several aspects of the decision automation lifecycle.

Business Language Editor

The Business Language Editor provides the user the ability to author Business language rules. This functionality is embedded within the Author Studio


Use this URL to connect to your Catalog from irAuthor. To configure the connection, go to the Catalog tab in irAuthor and click on the Maintain button. 

Catalog Manager Website

Catalog Manager provides the ability to manage users, roles, and permissions and to promote rule applications across environments.

Catalog Manager Website.png

Dynamics Integration

This is the information required to configure InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to connect with your organization's Dynamics instance.

Execution (Decision Services)

This is where you can locate the API Key and URLs needed to use the Rule Execution API. You can read more about the Rule Execution API in the article, Introduction to Decision Services.

Decision Service URL
The Base URL for executing decisions and rulesets with the decision service. This endpoint uses simplified request and response models for a more accessible means of executing rules over REST.

Rule Execution Service URL
The Base URL for executing classic Rule Execution API requests. This endpoint supports the format for existing requests being directed to the IrServer resource.


InRule-related logs are stored in Azure Table storage and can be accessed with the Table SAS URL available in this section. The end of the URL found in this section, everything after "Logs", is the SAS Token.
Provisioned Resources - Logging.png

ML Studio

ML Studio credentials provide the ability for the user to query the ML Studio API directly. For more information, see the API documentation.  

Process Studio 

The Process Studio resource provides the URI to access Inrule’s Process Automation platform and the SpaceID associated with the tenant. 

Runtime Overrides Service

The information here allows you to configure runtime overrides via an API

Rule Execution Service (irServer)

Here you will find the information you need to use the Rule Execution Service.

1. Base URI

This is the Base URI for the Rule Execution Service.

2. API Key

3. Apply Rules URL

This URL will apply rules on a given entity. See the examples for request and response payloads in the article, Apply Rules.

4. Execute Rule Set URL

This URL will execute an explicit ruleset. See the examples for request and response payloads in the article, Execute Rule Set.

5. Execute Decision URL

This URL will execute a decision. See examples for request and response payloads in the article, Execute Decision.

6. Execute Independent Rule Set URL

This URL will execute an independent ruleset. See examples for request and response payloads in the article, Execute Independent Rule Set.

Salesforce Integration

This information is used to configure InRule for Salesforce to connect with your organization's Salesforce instance. 

Rule Execution Service URL

This provides the address Salesforce will use to make requests to the Rule Execution Service.

Web Authoring

Author Studio URI provides the ability for the authors to be empowered with the flexibility to edit rules from anywhere.


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