Authorizing InRule to Execute API Methods

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The contents of this article pertain to the current version of the InRule SaaS Portal. If you have not updated to the newest version of the product, see the article here.

The below steps allow you to authorize and use the API methods via the portal.

  1. From the InRule SaaS Portal, click on the cog wheel icon and choose Configuration from the menu.

  2. Click on the arrow in the Execute Runtime Overrides section to open the section.
    Click on the arrow in the Execute Runtime Overrides section. .png

  3. Click on the copy icon next to the Primary API Key to copy the key to your clipboard.
    Copy Primary API Key.png

  4. Click API URL link to view existing API methods. This takes you to the Runtime Overrides API page. 
    Click on API URL.png

  5. On the Runtime Overrides API page, click on Authorize.

  6. Paste the Primary API Key from the clipboard into the Value field and click on Authorize
    Value Field.png

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