Creating a Rule Application in Author Studio

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The contents of this article pertain to the current version of Author Studio released in the fall of 2023. If you have not updated to the newest version of the product, see our Archived Author Studio Documentation here.

In this article, you can learn how to create a rule application in Author Studio by, creating a new rule, importing a rule using the upload feature, or syncing a rule to Author Studio from the catalog. 

To create a new rule application 

  1. Click on New Rule App. The toast notification will appear
    Creating Rule Application.png

  2. Once the new rule app is created it will open up directly. New Rule Application Window.png


To upload a Rule Application

You are able to upload existing rule applications to Author Studio.

  1. Click on Upload in the upper right corner of the Rule Application List.

  2. Your system file selector will open. Select the rule application you want to upload.
  3. The pop-up notification will appear once your rule application has been successfully uploaded and the rule application will be added to the rule application list. 
    Upload Confirmation.png

Syncing a rule to Author Studio from the catalog

You can access the rules you have created in irAuthor in Author Studio via the Catalog. 

  1. In irAuthor, select the rule application you want to sync, and from the File menu choose Save as and then select Save to Catalog.
    Save to catalog.png

  2. In Author Studio, click on Sync Catalog to sync the rule application.
    Sync Catalog.png

  3. The rule will now appear in the Rule Application List. Once you have synced the rule the first time, it will communicate seamlessly after that. However, if you change the name of the rule application in irAuthor, you will need to use the Sync Catalog feature again to see the name change in Author Studio. 

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