InRule Process Automation Version 2.84 - Release Notes

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August 2023

We have released a new version of InRule Process Automation, version [2.84]. As usual, it contains different improvements and adjustments. Some of them might not affect you directly, but you can be sure that we are constantly fixing and improving things behind the scenes to refine features that already exist, or to prepare for new features that are coming later.

New features

Make External Forms Accessible

The changes made in the last release to help you make your forms more accessible are now available on Start events as well.

Read our Best Practice Guide to learn how to make your external forms on start and intermediate events accessible. For details about InRule’s WCAG conformance surrounding External Forms, read the InRule Process Automation External Forms Accessibility Conformance Report.

Instance overview page numbers

We have improved the loading time of the Task list on the Instance overview page, this improvement will be most noticeable on Instances with a large number of Tasks. You will also notice a change in the appearance of the page numbering as well.  

Page numbering.png


This release contains minor bug fixes and security updates.

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