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Replicatedataset settings in the <Task> element

The replicate dataset is used to replicate data to extended value lists. 


<replicatedataset id="ReplicateCustomers" queryid="CustomersQuery" domainid="1234" 

referenceid="uniqe.identifier.kunder" keycolumn="key" batchsize ="2000"> (Optional)

         <column name="Name">$Name$</column>

         <column name="Address">$Address$</column>

         <column name="Phone">$Phone$</column>

         <column name="Email">$Email$</column>


optional paramater "enable = true"
Attribute Description
id The unique identifier of the Action (max 100 characters, no spaces).
enable Enables or disables the Action. Valid values are true or false. (Optional)
queryid The id of the query to iterate result items for. The query action must be defined before the action
domainid The domain id of the space where the extended value list is locatedex domainid=1234  
referenceid The unique id of the value list 
batchsize The number of rows that will be replicated to the value list at each time. Default setting is 2000 rows. (optional)


Attribute Description
keycolumn The name of the key column in the data source query. 
column name Matches the columns between the data source and the extended valuelist.


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