Electronic Signature in InRule Process Automation

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InRule Process Automation provides you the option to incorporate different electronic signature services, like Nexus GO Signing, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and Scrive into your solution. 

InRule Process Automation also supports verification directly via BankID. This is possible to apply to all external forms, both when starting new cases as well as when external users need to update information in a case. 

How to add an electronic signature integration to your solution

Using electronic signatures can help you avoid breaking the digital flow by removing the need to print out a paper copy of a form for users to sign. If you are interested in adding an electronic signature service to your solution, please contact our sales team 

Process Automation has experience with the following electronic signature providers,  which enables a fast and effective configuration to be set up:

  • Nexus GO Signing
  • Adobe Sign
  • DocuSign
  • OneFlow
  • Scrive 

If the provider you want to integrate is not listed above, that is not a problem. Process Automation has great configuration tools, which makes it possible for our consultants to easily set up a new provider.  

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