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A contract can contain multiple spaces. How many spaces you are allowed to create is determined by the contract. If you are new to the concept of spaces, you can learn more about them in the article Spaces and Space Settings.

Add spaces to a contract

The default setting is that only the Contract Owner has permission to create spaces within a contract. However, this permission can be delegated to any user within a contract. Read how to assign that permission to another user in the section Allow users to create spaces.

To add a space to a contract

  1. Navigate to the Contract Management page by clicking the Manage contract button that appears when hovering over your username.

  2. Click on the Spaces tab.

  3. Click on Create space.

  4. Give the space a name and description.

  5. The Contract Owner will be the Space Owner by default. If you want someone else to be the Space Owner, choose the user from the list and click Create. 

It is also possible to add spaces from the Start page. 

Invite users to space 

The Contract Owner, Contract Administrators, and Space administrators have permission to invite users to a Space.

When inviting users to a space, user accounts will be created for those who do not already have an account in Process Automation. Those accounts will be added to the contract that the specific space is connected to and consume licenses.

To invite users to a Space:

  1. Navigate to the Contract Management page.

  2. Choose Spaces in the left panel menu.

  3. Click the Invite button across from the space you would like to invite a user to. 

  4. Fill in the email addresses of the users you want to invite, if inviting multiple users, separate the emails with a comma or a semicolon. 

  5. (Optional) Choose which groups within the space the user should be a member of.

  6. (Optional) Assign the user permission in the space by ticking the checkboxes.

  7. Click on Send invitation. An invitation will automatically be sent to the added users with instructions on how to activate the account.

It is also possible to invite users to a space from the Space settings page. 

Allow users to create spaces

The default setting is that only the Contract Owner is allowed to create spaces connected to the contract, but it is possible to delegate this permission to all user accounts within the contract. 

Navigate to the Overview and click on the Contract Details tab. Tick the checkbox next to Allow users to create spaces.

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