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What is Contract Management?  

All users in Process Automation have a contract for the service. The contract contains different kinds of information such as contact information, billing information, number of licenses, and available add-ons. The Contract also dictates what each client has access to in Process Automation in terms of how many users can be added to the service, the number of Process Applications that can be created, and what features can be accessed. All Contract information can be found and managed under the Contract Management page. 

Who has access to the Contract Management page?

Only users that are Contract Owners and Contract Administrators have access to the Contract Management page. Only one user can be the Contract Owner. This is usually the person within your organization that has signed the contract with us. One person can be Contract Owner for multiple contracts.

Where do I find my Contract? 

Contracts that you own can be found on the Contract Management page. Hover over your name in the top right corner and click on Manage Contract.


Who is the Contract owner of the Contract I belong to?  

If you want to know who the Contract Owner of the Contract you belong to is, you can find this information under your user profile.

Navigate to your user profile 

  1. Hover over your name in the top right corner and click on Edit account.

  2. Choose Contract in the left panel menu. 

User active in spaces belonging to a different contract

If you are active in a space belonging to a different contract you need to contact the manager of the contract your account belongs to for matters regarding your user profile and general access to Process Automation.

If the manager of the contract you belong to decides to disable your user account, you will no longer be able to log on to Process Automation and access any spaces you are active in. If you experience being disabled and unable to log in for this reason, contact Process Automation Support for help in being moved to another contract with spaces in which you are active. Being disabled does not result in any loss of data, you simply can not log in until reactivated or moved to another contract.

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