Process Automation's Documentation Has Moved

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Welcome to the new Help Center for Process Automation!

All the information you are accustomed to finding at is now located here on the InRule Help Center. 

Searching for information

You can search for an article by title in the Instant Search bar. This search bar uses partial word search and will search the Help Center by article title and display those results in the drop-down preview.


Looking at the breadcrumbs for the search result will help you determine which InRule product the documentation applies to. 


If you do not see the article you are looking for in the dropdown preview, press Search to conduct a Native Search. This search uses full word search, not partial word search, and includes titles, body text, and labels. To search by product, click on Articles under the heading Type. Then select Process Automation to refine the search to be about articles on Process Automation. 


Browse Process Automation Documentation

If you would like to browse the Process Automation documentation without using the search feature, you can find the documentation here

Submitting a ticket for Process Automation

The support portal for process automation has not moved to Zendesk. To submit a ticket for help with Process Automation, continue to use the form on or send an email to

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