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When you open a task you will either see the Task overview or the Form, depending on how the task is configured.

To discover all the options for customizing the Task view, read the article Configure Task View.

Task overview

If the Task overview is enabled, it is available from the menu on the right side of the task.


The overview contains:

  • When the task arrived.
  • Which participant the task is assigned to.
  • The task deadline (if applicable).
  • Comments from previous users (if applicable).
  • Task instructions, possibly with selected form field data.
  • Task and instance information (when the instance was started, who started it, and for how long it has been active).

A user that has Full Control will see a small cog-wheel beside the task deadline and be able to set or change the deadline for the task.



If the Task overview is not enabled for the Task view, you will find the forms that are available for the task in the right menu under the name of the task. The forms can have a status View or Edit depending on your permissions.


To edit a form, open it from the menu and make your changes. 

After you have edited a form you can select:

Save all changes - This lets you save the changes in the form and continue work within the task. 

Complete task - This saves all changes and completes the task and the process will move forward.


Comment, Lock, Share


  1. Comment - Click here to comment or to review the comment feed. 
  2. Lock - This allows you to lock the task so no other users can work on it. 
  3. Share -If you want to share your task with someone else use the little arrow at the top right. Choose if the invited user can View, Edit or Perform the task or if you want to Assign the task and upcoming tasks to a new performer. Read about the different task permissions and more details about the share feature in the article, Share a Task.


Content folder

If enabled, the Content folder is available from the menu.


Click on it to open the folder in the area to the left. Here you find forms, documents, and other files related to the process instance. You can also add subfolders using the folder icon at the top right corner as well as upload new files using the other icon at the top or just drag and drop a file to the area under the listed content.Work

Examples of compatible file types are, but are not limited to:

  • .pdf
  • .doc
  • .xls
  • .ppt
  • .txt
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .jpg

These common file types are opened upon download.

Restricted files

Some files are considered unsafe extensions because these could conceal potentially harmful information. Files with the suffix displayed below are files that we consider to be unsafe extensions. These files cannot be opened directly in Process Automation an will always be downloaded via a separate link so that it can be reviewed before you open it:

.a6p .ac .as .acr .action .air .app .awk .bat .cgi
.cmd .com .csh .dek .dld .ds .ebm .esh .exe .ezs
.fky .frs .fxp .gadget .hms .hta .icd .inx .ipf .isu
.jar .js .jse .jsx .kix .lua .mcr .mem .mpx .ms
.msi .mst .obs .paf .pex .pif .prc .prg .pvd .pwc
.py .pyc .pyo .qpx .rbx .reg .rgs .rox .rpj .scar
.scr .script .sct .shb .shs .spr .tlb .tms .u3p .udf
.vb .vbe .vbs .vbscript .wcm .wpk .ws .wsf .xqt  

File limit

You are only able to upload files with a total data size of 100 MB at a time. 

Delete files

To delete a file, select it in the content folder and click on the red basket bin to the right. 

You can not delete files that are connected to a form field, they have to be removed through the form.

More actions

A common action under the More actions heading is Add form. Forms that are configured as an optional output from a task will show up here. Click on Add form, fill in the new form template, and click Save to save the new form to the Content folder.



In the resources section, you can find links and documents from the process. If enabled, the Process model is located here and you can click on it to see where the task is located in the Process model.


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