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Create and Administrate Groups

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To manage the groups of your space, navigate to Space settings


and select the Groups tab.


It is possible to create hierarchical groups in each space that can contain users. Groups can be used when assigning participants in a process app or when sharing process models and process apps to other members in the space.

Adding groups to your roles in a process application instead of individual users will make it much easier to administrate the application.  

It is best practice to always add a group to your process that has full rights. In that way, you will prevent losing access to the process if the creator of the process does not have access to Process Automation anymore.  

Create a group

  1. Create a group by clicking on Create new groupCreate_new_group.png

  2. Write the name of the group and then click on the check mark button.

  3. The group will show up under the group that you clicked on before clicking on Create group. The name of the group you are viewing appears on the left side of the screen. 

Delete a group

To delete a group, hover over the group you wish to delete and select Remove. The group and all its subgroups will be deleted. All of the users in that group will still continue to be members in the space, but any process models or apps that used the deleted group will no longer have the group connected to it.

You can never delete the Everyone group from your space.


Add users to groups

There are two ways to add a user to a group.

Add a user to a group via the group

  1. In Space settings under the Groups tab, double-click on the group you would like to add a user to. 

  2. Select Add user to group.

  3. A search window appears, start writing the name or email address for the user you want to add to the group, select the user, and click on the tick button to add the user.

Add a user to a group via the user

  1. Navigate to Space settings and click on the Members tab.

  2. Click on the user's name and it will open the Edit user window. 

  3. In the search bar next to Groups, search for the group(s) you would like to add the user to and click on the plus button +.

You can only add users that have been invited and that have accepted the invitation to the space. 

All users that accept invitations to your space will automatically be added to the group Everyone and will remain there until you remove the user from the space.

Remove a user from a group

  1. Navigate to Space settings and click on the Groups tab. double-click on the group you would like to remove a user from. 

  2. Double-click on the group you would like to remove a user from. All users that have been added to the group will be displayed.
  3. Hover your cursor over the user you want to remove and click Remove from group.


You cannot remove any users from the Everyone group.

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