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You can upload and download BPMN 2.0 processes to and from spaces. This allows you to copy and reuse processes in more than one space. When you download a process, it will create a .bmap file that contains the process and all form templates, attached files, and images that exist in the process. This file can be uploaded to an existing process model or to a new process.

If you would like to make a copy of the process in the same space, use the Make a copy option. Use the upload and download function if you want the copy to be saved in another space. 

How to download a process model from the process page

  1. Navigate to the Process page of the desired process model.
    If you don't want to download the latest published version, open Process Studio, choose a different draft or version, and then select Go to process page (Version/Draft XX).
  2. Open the drop-down menu and select Download.

How to download a process model from the process list

        1. Navigate to the Process list by selecting Processes from the main menu.

        2. Select the desired process model.

        3. Click on More actions and select Download as file.

How to upload a process model

        1. Navigate to the Process list by selecting Processes from the main menu.Process_list.png

        2. Select Upload BPMN 2.0 Process

        3. Browse to and select your .bmap file.

        4. (Optional) Change the name of the new process
        5. Click OK.

Value lists in uploaded processes

Value lists do not transfer from one space to another 
If you have downloaded a process from one space and then upload it to another one and the process includes a Value List in a form, then this Value List will not be transferred through the downloaded application hence Value Lists are specific to each space. 

This will trigger an error message when opening the form editor or starting a new instance. 

How to replace the Value List

Create a new Value List for the values you wish to have in the drop-down, after creating it, click on Edit and copy the NameSpace. Go back to the form editor and select the drop-down with the previous Value List, replace the value in typeNamespace with the copied namespace from your new Value List.

A faster way of doing this is to copy your form definition into a code editor and use the search and replace function to replace the typeNamespace.

Links on intermediate events

If the process uses intermediate events with links to the process, the links will need to be reconnected. Intermediate events need to be re-linked regardless of whether the process is being copied to the same space or uploaded to a new space. 


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