Collaborative Modeling Session

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It is possible to work collaboratively when creating process models in Process Studio. This feature makes it very easy to work together with others to create process models collaboratively. 

By sharing your process model you can invite other modelers to the process while you are modeling and they will be able to join and see the changes that you are doing in the process in real-time.

Read the article Process Page to learn how to share your process.


All the other participants in the modeling session show up in the modeling tool and you can see their profile image.

By clicking on the profile image you can send chat messages to each other in the chat window.

If one of the other participants wants to model the process they can select Request to model.

The person currently modeling will see the request and can choose to hand over the controls by selecting Yes or to continue modeling by selecting No.

If a user chooses to hand over the controls, the person that requested the controls will be able to start modeling and will need to select request to model to get them back.

If you choose to deny the request, the requester will receive a notification that the current modeler wants to keep modeling.

If the person in control suddenly leaves the modeling session or loses connection, then all other participants will be notified that the user has stopped modeling and will have the option to select Take over to control the modeling session.


Q: How many people can join a modeling session?

A: There is no restriction to the number of people that can join.


Q: Who can join a modeling session?

A: Anyone who is a member of the space and has Modeling Permissions in the space and Edit permissions for the process model.

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