Add a Reference Number to an Application

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Creating a number series to use as a reference number

You have the option to add a reference number to your applications that counts every instance started in a specific application. 

This must be configured by our support team, you can reach out to them at .

The support team will need the following information to set up a correct number series:

Space ID: The 4-digit space ID  to which the number series will be connected to.  (You can find the space ID in the URL of the space. 

Name: The name of the number series. (If you have many number series within the space, it is a good idea to have a name that describes its function and includes the name of the application). When you select the number series for an application you will choose it from a drop-down that has all the reference numbers for the space, so you want it to be easy to select the correct number. 

Start number: Include which number you would like the series to start on. For example, if you would like your reference number to show the date the instance was started and then start counting at one you may write: 

  • Case 2023-01-00001
  • 12/15/2023-001
  • 1

The date format can be customized to meet your needs as well as the characters separating the dates. You can choose to have a slash (/), a hyphen (-), or to have no spaces. You can add letters to your number series as well. 

Format: Using the generic parts in a number series below, Write the format behind the example you have written above. Below are the formats behind the reference number examples above: 

  • Case-[yy][MM][dd]-[n:4]
  • [yy][MM][dd]-[n:3]
  • [n:1]

Generic parts in a number series :

  • [yy] - Two part year, 23
  • [yyyy] - Four part year, 2023
  • [MM] - Month, 02
  • [dd] - Day, 08
  • [n:4] - Incremented number that has (in this example) at least four digits, 0012.
  • Note, the number after 9999 is 10000. If you do not want 4 digits, simply replace the 4 with the number of digits you prefer. 
  • You can add any numbers or words you would like to include. 

The counter on a number series will never start over from 0. If you include the date, the counter will not start over at the beginning of the year. If you would like your number to start over you will need to have a new number series created. 

Here is an example of what to send to support:

Space ID:  0000
Name of the reference number series:
Start value:
1999 (2000)   (Start counter at 1 is default)
How you would like the finished number to appear in the list:

A number series should only be used with one application. 

Activating the number series for the application:

Once the support team has set up the number series, You will need to activate the number series for the intended application. 

  1. Go to the Application overview page and open Application configuration.

  2. Go to the advanced tab and select your number series from the drop-down. Read about numbering sub instances here.

  3. All reference numbers from the space are available in the drop-down, but a reference number should only be used for one application. 

  4. Save the configuration. 

  5. Once the configuration is complete, you will be able to see the Reference number in the Application Overview.

Create a reference number for each sub instance 

There are two ways that the sub instances of an application with a reference number can be numbered. They can either inherit their number from the main instance or they can be given a number of their own. You can choose this when selecting your number series. To change this go to Application configuration and locate the advanced tab. 


If the check box is selected, the sub instance will receive its own number from the same number series as the main instance. For example, if the main instances reference number is 001, the sub instance may be 002. 


If the checkbox is left empty, the sub instance will receive the same reference number as the main instance, but with a counter added to it. For example, if the main instances reference number is 001, the sub-instance may be 001.1. 


Use Reference numbers in forms and lists.

You can add the reference number to a form by using the Object field - Instance number.

You can also show the reference numbers in a list by adding the standard column Ref #.

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