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Group administrator is a role that can be assigned to individual users in a Space. The purpose of this role is to add or remove users in groups that the person has been assigned to administer.

In many applications, there are groups that are used to assign users to a role in the process. Certain applications require that those users are regularly updated. A space administrator could perform this action and it is also possible to assign an administrator to a part of the space group structure and to allow that person to edit members in that specific group and all subgroups.

How to add a group administrator:

A space administrator has the option to give administrative permissions to a user as a group administrator by adding them as a group administrator on the group page.   

  1.  Go to Space Settings and select Groups.
  2. Hover over the desired group and select Edit.

  3. Add the group administrator by clicking Add user and searching for the desired user. 

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