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Q: What is a contract? 

A: The Contract determines what functionalities you are allowed to use and how many users you can invite to your organization's spaces in Process Automation.


Q: Who can see and manage Contracts in Process Automation?

A: Only the Contract Owner and Contract administrators have access to the Contract Management page


Q: Where do I find the Contract Management page? 

A: If you are a Contract owner or Contract administrator, you will find a button called Manage Contract when hovering over your user name in the top right corner in Process Automation. 


Q: Where can I see the users in my Contract? 

A: You can edit all user accounts connected to your Contract under the Users tab on the Contract Management page. 


Q: What user accounts are consuming Licenses from my Contract? 

A: All user accounts that are Enabled are consuming Licenses. 


Q: How do I add users to My Contract?

A: There are two ways to add users to a Contract. Either as the Contract Owner from the Contract Management page or as a Space Administrator from the Space settings page. 


Q: How do I add Spaces to my Contract? 

A: There are two ways to add Spaces to a Contract. Either from the Contract Management page, or from the Start page. The default setting is that only the Contract Owner has permission to create Spacesbut this permission can be delegated to another user. 


Q: How do I disable/enable 

A: You can disable/enable users connected to your Contract under the Users tab on the Contract Management page. 


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