How To: Configure an Email Recipient Based on the Value of a Drop-Down List

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This guide will show how to configure the process for sending an email to a user that has been chosen from a drop-down (dataset) field. 

Create a value list 

  1. Go to Space settings > Value lists and select Create extended value list. Read more about Extended Value Lists in the article Value Lists.
  2. Naming
    1. Name the columns according to the content of the cell. In the example below, column A is named "Name" and column B is named "Email". 

    2. Name the value list with regard to how the list will be used.
    If this is a general list of emails, begin the name with the prefix "General". If the list is to be used with a specific application, begin the name with the name of the application.

    Example: General-emails or Claimsrequest-emails.

    This will help you keep your value lists organized and easy to maintain. 
  3. Select Save to save the value list

Configure the form with the drop-down field

If you are new to working with forms, you can learn more in the article, How to: Create Your First Form.

  1. Open the form you want to add the drop-down field to.
  2.  Find the drop-down field on the left-hand side under Metadata fields (Extended value lists) and add it to the form.
  3. Rename the field to something that represents the content, for example, Users.
  4. Add a new textfield to the form and rename it ”email” and add the attribute “valueFrom” with the content:
    The User's email, where the users are the name of the drop-down and the email is the name of the column.

    This is the result.
  5. Save the form

Configuring the message event in the process

  1. Go to the process and add an intermediate event.
  2. Right-click on the new intermediate event and choose, Add new event trigger.  
  3.  Add a throwing message and open the message menu by clicking on the arrow and selecting Configure Message.

  4.  Click on the plus sign under To: and choose Form field. Select the form and the text field that contains the email address and select Save.


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