Known Issues and Limitations

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Some features in InRule Process Automation contain known issues or limitations.

Known issues

Application configuration

Timeout when redacting older fields

When navigating to the tab, Fields in previous versions in the redaction panel, you may experience a timeout. 

Solution: Add a new field to your current form with the same name attribute as the field in an older form you wish to redact but could not select due to the timeout. Once added, select the field you added from the first tab with current fields instead. The redaction job will now clear the old fields as well.

Error log and error message

It is possible to configure expressions on gateways that will register as errors in the error log and error message. These are considered functional expressions but are not BPMN 2.0 compliant.

Forms and form templates

Extended value lists, using the “displayfield” attribute

The display value is always connected to the first column in your dataset. Using the displayField with a different column may cause issues if the form is using rules or listener logic.

Pasting values from excel into forms that have attachment folders

If a cell is copied and the text is pasted to a form field, objects are added to the attachment folder in the form (if any). This is due to how Microsoft stores copied objects from Excel.

Solution: Copy only the text from Excel

Configuration of naming forms and API users

By default, the name of a form in an instance is the same as the form's template name. The form's data object name is equal to the form's template name.

It is possible to configure the form's data object name to be different from the form's template name. To achieve this, change the name of the form's data object.

  • Forms created by an end user will be named the same as the form's data object.
  • Forms created by an API user will still be named the same as the form template.

Solution: If this is an issue, the name of the form template should be the same as the form's data object

PDF - Generation

Spider diagrams

Recent changes in how we generate PDF documentation have impacted the rendition of spider diagrams. The shadows between the points are no longer transparent.


Process Studio

Multiple event types in the same event element

While BPMN 2.0 allows for multiple types in the same event, the Process Automation engine will only execute the first event type added.

Solution: Model out each event type as its own element in the process model.

Sending emails to a large number of recipients

InRule Process Automation caps emails at 200 recipients. No email will be sent if the recipient list exceeds 200 emails. 

This limitation is by design. 

Configuring a mail event using roles in sub processes

The Process Automation engine requires an assigned task in a sub process in order to pick the assigned role.

Updating a call activity requires a re-deploy of the main process

It is necessary to redeploy main processes after making a change in call activity sub processes. A message is displayed when redeploying a main process with changed sub processes, stating that your application will upgrade to the latest call activity versions. This is only the case the first time the call activity is deployed. If the call activity is deployed more than once, it is necessary to redeploy the main process.

Forms and form templates

Excessively large forms 

Forms that are too large will take a long time to render. It is considered best practice to split forms into several form templates. The form builder will display a warning when the form starts taking too long to render.

Using “ValueFrom” together with a formula

Because of how values are loaded to value lists, it is considered best practice not to use the attribute “ValueFrom” together with other attributes that may affect the value of the field.

This article is updated continuously. Please report any issues to the support team.


Deleting a file via an API call

Only users who upload a file via an API call can remove that same file via an API call. It is however possible for any user to go in via the UI and delete an uploaded file, given the correct permissions.

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