How To: Fix a Missing Value List with the Error: "Could not find value list(s)"

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If you are subscribed to notifications from the Event Log and receive the following error message, follow the steps below to fix the application.  

  1. Navigate to the application configuration page ({spaceid}/applications/edit/{applicationid}

    The spaceid and applicationid must be changed to your values.

  2. Open the form that you believe uses this value list. If you have multiple forms in the application and do not know which one contains the error, complete the following steps for each form.

  3. Once in the form, click on the form definition and search using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F. Search for the namespace that was provided in the initial process error message. 

  4. If you find the namespace from the error message, replace the value with a value list that is not deleted. Do this with each search result you get from the CTRL+F search.

Following these steps should have fixed the error that caused the error message. If this does not fix the problem, please contact support.

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