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Where are Downloads?

We have made our documentation public and you can now use the Help Center without logging in. However, you will still need to log in to access downloads. Once you log in to Zendesk, the article Download InRule Software will be visible to you. 

Things are looking different 

You may have noticed that the look and feel of the Help Center has changed. The Help Center has gotten a makeover on the inside and the outside. We are currently in the process of updating the Help Center, so please reach out to support if you cannot find what you are looking for. 


What new features have been added to the Help Center? 

Here you can see the features available within the article view.


  1. Menu Bar
    Here you have quick access to, Requesting a Demo or a Free trial, Downloads, and your account information. 
  2. Back button 
    Here you can go back to the last menu or section you were in. 
  3. Search Bar 
    In the Instant Search bar you can search for an article by title. This search bar uses partial word and will search the Help Center by article title and display those results in the drop-down preview. If you see the article, you are looking for, select it to go straight to the article. If you do not see the article, press enter to conduct a Native Search. This search uses full word search, not partial word search, and includes titles, body text, and labels.
  4. Article Navigation 
    In this menu, you can search the different section by using the arrows on the right of the table. All the links here a clickable, so you can go directly to the article or section you would like to view. 
  5. Breadcrumbs 
    This shows you what section the article is located in, since each section of the breadcrumbs is clickable, you can easily navigate back and forth between the sections. 
  6. Table of Contents 
    The Table of Content shows you what sections are in the article; this will allow you to go directly to the section you are looking for so you don’t have to scroll the page looking for the content you came for. 
  7. Callouts 
    This new callout style will allow you to see important information more clearly. So if you see information in a callout like this, make sure you read it. 
  8. Article Feedback 
    The Yes and No buttons at the end of the article provide you with an opportunity to provide feedback. We can see what you think of articles we have published and use that information to make the information on the help center better. Why don’t you try it now with this article? Select Yes if this article helped you understand the changes in the help center, or select no if you are confused or missing information. We appreciate all feedback. 

Back to top link 


You will notice this feature appears on every page once you have scrolled down a bit, this arrow will take you back up to the top of the page so you don't have to scroll. 


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