Troubleshooting: How to Check Email Sending and Email Configuration

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If you or other users in your organization are not receiving configured emails from your processes it could be due to a problem within the configuration. Use the checklist below to try and identify and solve the problem. 

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To whom should the email be sent?

Under message configuration, check to whom the email should be sent. Is it the correct email address?

Is the message configured to the correct place?

Is the email being sent to a role? If so, is the role assigned?

Make sure that the correct roles are configured to receive the email, also check via the instance overview or list view who is assigned to the role. 

If user rights were shared after the email getting sent it will not retrigger the email event.

Should the email have been sent?

The problem could be that the action that triggers the email has not happened yet or that there is a timer involved and the email has not yet reached the time where it should be sent. 

Is the email set to default to a specific email address?

If the email address is set to “Custom email” this setting is connected to the process version, make sure that you check the correct configured version and the “Custom email” settings.


Has the email been sent out to several people? 

If the email is being sent to several different email addresses or roles, you need to know if all the users are missing the email or have the email has been sent out to some of the users. If not all users are affected this means that the individual user’s emails has to be troubleshooted. 

If the email is sent through a field in a form? Is the name of the field correct?

If the form configuration is not matching the definition. This could be that the fields of the form were updated and the field name you chose does not match the one currently on the form. You can check this by going to the form, checking the name of the field, and making sure it matches. In the configure message, try deleting the name of the field and reselecting it in the configuration again. Also, check that the input email in the related field is correct and no spelling errors are made.

Check any integrations.

If the email is sent out from the other system "e.g. Scrive" for signing.

Check that the email is assigned in the process model configuration on the email event.  

Are you in the group or role that the email is assigned to? This will only solve the issue for future emails. 

Could the email be blocked? 

Check that the emails from are not blocked or listed in the spam filter for you or your company, if you have a filter blocking “no reply” email addresses this might be the issue.

Is your user account disabled?

You will not receive an email if your user account is disabled. Please contact the support.

If you have checked all of these locations and have not found any inconsistencies, contact customer support. Make sure to include a URL and screenshots in your request and let them know you tried all the suggestions in this article. 

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