System requirements for InRule Process Automation

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This article describes minimum client requirements for InRule Process Automation that can be accessed using a compliant web browser/and or a REST API client.

General requirements for Process Automation

  • Process Automation is a web-based service and therefore will require an internet connection. 

Requirements for web browser clients. 

  • A modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, or the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
  • JavaScript must be enabled in the web browser (this is a standard setting in all web browsers).
  • Cookies must be allowed according to the standard settings of your web browser (cookies are only used to enable functionality on the Process Automation service such as logging in).
  • No limitations to normal web browsing (may apply to certain users in organisations)
  • A PDF viewer (such as Adobe reader or Foxit reader) with support for viewing PDF files in the web browser.

Other browsers or newer versions of the listed browsers will probably work, but full functionality cannot be guaranteed.

Certain server-based operating systems such as Windows Server or Citrix may limit normal web browsing. Process Automation may not work as intended in this case.

Specific requirements for the Process Studio

Please read the article Technical requirements - Process Studio

Requirements for REST API clients

Support for the HTTP and HTTPS protocol and JSON data format is required to be able to use the REST API. Software vendors/developers need an API-key, username and password to be able to integrate and perform tests towards the service. This will be provided by InRule. Please don’t hesitate to contact InRule at if you have further questions.

  • Support for the HTTP and HTTPS protocol and JSON data format is required to be able to use the REST API.
  • All REST API calls must be in compliance with the Process Automation REST API specification found on the Help Center

As an alternative to updating old/slow versions of Internet Explorer, you can install Google Chrome Frame. Google Chrome Frame is an add-on for Internet Explorer 6 or later that enhances the performance and user experience without the need to upgrade Internet Explorer. Read more on

Requirements for the mobile client interface

Process Automation offers the possibility for process applications to be activated for mobile clients. Users that log in to Process Automation using a mobile internet browser on a smartphone can see and perform tasks in an interface adapted for mobile devices. The mobile interface must be activated and configured for process applications that wish to offer smartphone support.

The mobile client interface is to offer support for the vast majority of all smartphone, tablet, and e-reader platforms. The user experience will differ depending on which device is used to access Process Automation and it is important to look at the technical requirements when planning on offering mobile support for users in a process application.

To use the mobile interface make sure that you use a device that fulfills the following requirements:

  • Is a modern smartphone (with support for HTML 5)
  • Has a 3G internet connection or better


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