How to Run Built-In Diagnostics on a Self-Hosted or On-Prem Catalog

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Using the legacy Catalog Manager tool

  1. Be sure the catalog database with the issue has a current backup
  2. Open catalog manager
  3. Select (or create a connection to) the catalog instance that is experiencing the error
  4. Right-click and select “Run diagnostics”

  5.  If diagnostics reports errors, allow the catalog manager tool to repair them.
  6. Validate catalog is in working condition.

Using the Web-based Catalog Manager

See the article, Run Diagnostics and Catalog Repair Utilities to learn how to run diagnostics in the web-based Catalog Manager. 

SaaS Catalog Diagnostics Overview                  .png

If you have questions or need further information about this process, please reach out to the support team.



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