InRule 5.8.0 Now Available

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InRule® 5.8.0 has been released. 


Highlights of our 5.8.0 update include:

  • Execute Decision action added to irAuthor
  • New Extension Manager allows users to discover and manage irAuthor extensions


Execute Decision action

Execute Decision action in irAuthor enables business analysts to integrate executing decision logic directly into their rule application without needing to use REST.

  • Business analysts are enabled to execute decisions themselves.
  • Developer time is freed up from having to implement executing decisions via REST. Business analysts can execute a decision from any ruleset or any decision for maximum flexibility.
  • Business analysts can extract the output of a decision and take further action on it.



For more information, see the Execute Decision documentation. If you'd like to learn more about Decisions in general, see the Decisions documentation.


Extension Manager Overview

The Extension Manager in irAuthor allows users to easily discover, install, upgrade, and remove InRule managed extensions.

  • Easily discover and explore new extensions available to irAuthor.
  • Eliminate confusion caused by instructions to manually download, install, and configure extensions for irAuthor.

Key features:

  • Extension Manager UI to display grid of installed and available extensions
  • Ability to one-click install/upgrade an extension with automated irAuthor restart
  • Summary description for each extension with version notes





For a detailed list of all the changes, please see our Release Notes.

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