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InRule in Windows Azure


Key Points

WCF Web Service that hosts rule execution SDK code
InRule is a .NET 4.0 application, so SDK integration with Azure Web and Worker rules is straightforward
The path from on-premise to cloud is easy for .NET developers
Since InRule has strong support for stateless, multi-threaded, and batch execution patterns, Web and Worker roles can be declaratively scaled-out behind a load balancer
Rules and Data in simple, compatible formats and abstracted rule and data stores provide options for storage such as table, BLOB, and SQL Azure storage
InRule Catalog is also Azure compatible
Possible to quickly create generic “decision services” that can operate with any rules against any data schema
Rule application metadata can be exposed through simple web APIs
Options for declarative deployment, where WCF REST or SOAP services can be scaled-out, and called from many different consumers
Worker Roles hosting generic rule processing components can be scaled-out to operate against Azure queues


Sample Azure deployment scenario, using Web Roles to process rule requests



Sample Azure deployment scenario, using Worker Roles to process rule requests